-  What is Krooluhv?

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[mpc_sh_dropcaps background=”#00bcc9″ color=”#ffffff” size=”huge”]K[/mpc_sh_dropcaps]rooluhv is a global brand that expresses a consistent message to pursue your passion and do what pushes you furthest toward your life’s goals & initiatives. Our designers draw inspiration from a multiplex of art, the world’s many cultures, inner animus, nostalgia, Japan, Moscow, Paris, African American History, WWII, current events, friends, family, and love. 
Passion for design and quality product drives Krooluhv’s core designers. The overall vision of the company has always been to grow, reach a greater audience, solidify our status as a global brand, and carve out a chapter in the sprawling universe of streetwear and fashion culture.
Krooluhv is characterized by its quality garments and creative design. Creative directors bring the brand to life through extensive work with artists, designers, photographers, musicians, and writers. KLV is currently expanding its retail outreach program and brand ambassador program to continue its trajectory of quality product, intuitive design, and worldwide influence.
“Do it with Passion or Not at All”

A Krooluhv Short Film: "Energy, Love, Faith."

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